Rabbi Yitzhak Miller, Esq., “The Vacation Home Creator”

Yitz Miller's vacation homes

With a do-it-yourselfer father, Yitzhak Miller began his lifelong real estate hobby in 1995, a year out of undergrad, with a piece of a Rudolph Valentino-sold-to-Bugsy Siegel mansion in Southern California. With the property long-since reconfigured to 4 units, Yitz and his wife moved into the 1BR unit, rented out the other 3 to cover the mortgage, and Yitz repaired Spanish tile rooves, soldered copper pipe, updated knob-and-tube wiring, remodeled kitchens, refinished floors, and learned the mostly-pleasant realities of being a landlord.

Receiving a too-good-to-pass-up offer on the property in 2018 and at that point living in North Carolina, Yitz used a 1031 exchange to purchase 4 homes (Outer Banks, Crystal Coast, Blue Ridge Mountains, New Orleans Garden District), planning to convert them to vacation rental properties.

Yitz accomplished the endeavor with such success that CBS featured his Flagship Vacation Properties’ work on its Vacation Channel “Staycation” television series, but not until Yitz rebuilt the 3 North Carolina properties from Hurricanes Florence and Michael, which hit within a month of closing. 

A lifelong friend commented that reconstructing his entire life savings with his own two hands in the midst of the COVID pandemic was perhaps the best evidence yet of Yitz’s indomitable ability to “Make Lemonade.”

Doubling the equity and tripling the income on all 4 properties without compromising attention to detail and commitment to quality and authenticity, would-be vacation home investors began to ask Yitz to assist them on “the journey from Realtor.com to Booking.com,” and “Yitzhak Miller, the Vacation Home Creator” was born.